Dec 2nd 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the welder in your life, we’ve got you covered. The items in this gift guide will help to equip your loved ones with functional and fashionable gear to sport while doing what they love. As an extra bonus, we’re also offering free shipping on orders $35 and over to the lower 48 states, so feel free to snag something for everyone on your list!

1. FR-Treated Shirts - These long-sleeved Henley shirts, made out of 100% cotton Flame Resistant fabric, are a warm, yet breathable solution for welders or other workers who are exposed to hazardous conditions while on the job. NFPA 2112- and HRC2-compliant, these shirts will keep you safe and cozy while you work. Shop FR-Treated Shirts >

2. Reversible Caps - Double-layered fabric! Not only will these caps help you stay covered, but the reversible nature of their design also means you can have versatility when donning your cap every day. This style is one of our most popular during our cooler months, so stock up while you can! Shop Reversible Caps >

3. Single-Sided Caps - If you’re looking for an option that can be used year-round, our classic single-sided cap is an excellent choice! With a super soft brim and a medium-crowned design, wearing this cap is not only effective, but also comfortable. Shop Single-Sided Caps >

4. Doo-Rags - Another great year-round head covering alternative is our doo-rag! Combining flexibility and functionality, these cotton doo-rags tie in the back to ensure a snug fit for any size. Shop Doo-Rags >

5. Gift Cards - Not sure what your welder will like or which size they wear? A gift card will ensure your loved one can get exactly what they need and want. It’s a win-win for everyone! Shop Gift Cards >