About Us

Comeaux Caps is a family-owned and operated sewing factory in St. Amant, Louisiana. Since 1973, the factory has produced and shipped millions of premium-quality welders’ caps for our national and international customers.

Owner, Edward S. Comeaux, alongside Company Manager, Lorraine Hebert, and dedicated sewers and inspectors to ensure high-quality welders caps, outstanding customer service, and customer satisfaction.


Comeaux Caps’ friendly office staff includes:

Edward S. Comeaux – Owner/President
Lorraine Hebert – Company General Manager
Alexis Chustz - Assistant General Manager
Mitzi Chauvin - Shipping Supervisor



For more information, please contact us at:

Phone (225) 644-6821


Comeaux Caps
44043 Stringer Bridge Rd
St. Amant, Louisiana 70774


For other welding tools and supplies, visit our Sister Company, Comeaux Supply.